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Slimming, diabetes, cholesterol, triglycerides, gout, high blood pressure (hypertension), cancer and many other nutritional topics are being discussed through many mediums like magazines, TV and now on this website.  My passion and focus for the last 7 years has been to give my patients optimal information and guidance for protection from the development of disease, but also the control of a disease like diabetes. I would also like to provide more focus on HIV or aids, which has been affecting our population—so read more about how you can nutritionally assisted a person living with HIV and Aids.  Lifestyle factors like smoking or alcohol usage; even if just recreational, creates oxidative stress and needs to be nutritionally neutralized through appropriate diets and supplements.

 This website is aimed at providing accurate information to you the reader by a registered dietitian.  If you would like to consult with Sarita Banitz follow the directions to fill in your file, using your medical aid details or utilizing discount tariffs.  The procedure of consulting is sending an email to the email address provided, fill in the file provided, pay the suitable fees and start the consultation with your internet dietitian.

A new nutritional topic in the world is nutrigenetics, which I am involved with—which will provide you a new option to prevent or reduce the risk of disease, which may or may not be present within your family.  So if you are interested and would like your genetics tested and a personalized nutria-medical model to be created, please contact us directly.

Supplementation is controversial and will remain controversial for many years — so this sites intention is to clarify why there would be a need for the use of supplements in children, teenagers, adults, the elderly as well as in pregnant and lactating women.  The benefit of adding nutrients, to a fairly good diet, can never be avoided. So go to the section on supplementation and see if you personally need a supplement, view the list of supplements you can purchase through the supplemental company and have it delivered at home.

So, create the new, healthier and lower risk you!