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In the medical world, its always been accepted that your genetic make up together with our environmental variables and our diets are major triggers to the development of diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancers.

Then as technology and research continues, more and more genes have been identified and associated with diseases, together with a vast amount of information relating to how the dietary and environmental factors influence the genetic activation.  So the field of nutrigenetics have been started.

In my practice, I work with a GP and counselor in evaluating, predicting and creating a personalized health plan to minimize the development of your potential genetic risk.

This test is blood sample based, which can be sampled at a local pathology laboratory and may be claimed from medical fund if your option covers pathology.  The genetic—medical interaction is dealt with by our genetic GP, Dr Hein Badenhorst, the personalized diets and lifestyle patterns are created by Sarita Banitz, and the counseling done by Sister Tanya Schenfield-Schwartz.


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General Information

Considering the reality that HIV and AIDS are occurring to the ones we love and care for—the crippling effect, once the disease has started, is having on their productivity in the work place, the ability to care for and take care of their families—should be of  great concern to us.  Yet, what is the best way of trying to curb the effect that the disease has on our lives; the answer is not easy or simplistic.  The dietary script which follows are nutrients which should be added to protect the cells from the relentless attack of the HIV virus, as well as improving the bodies defense system. 

                 1. 1 Natural vitamin A with the main meal.

                 2. 1 Natural vitamin E with the main meal.

                 3. 1 vitamin C tablet 2-4 times daily.

                 4. 1 Echinacea standardized 3 times daily for 14 days—

                     then rest 14 days.

So remember the cost of supplementation will allow for a longer and stronger fight against the viral onslaught.



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