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Water is one of the main ingredients within the body, which is produced and used , within our metabolic pathways. This means water allows the body to function normally in terms of digestion, absorption, circulation, excretion, building tissues or even just to regulate your body temperature.

One good and relevant function of  water, after the holiday season of over indulging,  is the function of  water being the main driving force behind your metabolism. This means water allows your chemical pathways to run quicker, which in turn burns more kilojoules and thus help you loose your weight and thus also maintain your weight easier.

Another common topic in practice is the aspect of cravings, mainly for sweet goodies or the urge for a second helping, is many times a result of your bodies great need for additional water.  The water loss is produced through normal bodily functions and excretions or possible just the lack of water intake daily.

So to curb the low metabolic rate and keep the cravings at bay, this can be achieved through following the provided guide, of drinking 20-30ml of water for every kilogram body weight of an adult.  So, work out the specific volume of water you need daily and start enjoying a happier and better functioning body.  Yet by saying this I realize the struggle people have with the volumes, but you must realize that the risk of kidney stones, urinary tract infections, constipation and a few other known conditions can all be attributed to a poor intake level.

A very popular debate people have about why they won’t drink water, is due to the contaminated and polluted state of our local water.  This is very true and in the future it may become a bigger and more serious problem.  Considering the design of the planet with the rivers, rocks and gravel formations , this for many centuries was the best purification system on earth, but with industrialization and urbanization, chemicals like chlorine, ammonia and alum are found together with pathogenic bacteria, mud and slime in our drinking water.  So the answer is not distilled water as this contains none of the vital minerals which assist the diet in keeping the body functioning properly.

The answer  I believe is getting a water purification system which has independent testing and research, as the NCS of Europe has done on the water system none as E-spring.  The NCS claims this unit removes more than 140 contaminants via the use of a carbon filter, which has the ability of removing organic matter (animals/plant debris), inorganic matter (chemicals/additives) and aromatic compounds.  The council also confirms that it has the ability to remove up to 99% of all bacteria, viruses, cysts and fungi which could be present in a water environment.  This is made possible through the unit having a UV filter, with the water moving past the highly effective rays.  A feature I believe which is also important, is the fact that the water never stands—which will prevent bacteria which grow and multiple in darkness, heat and moisture — to be permanently eliminated out of our health risks. 

So remember that water is essential to allow your body to be the best it can be, so drink sufficient quantities of clean water.

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Date: 15/01/2006