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Reduce the oxidative Stress

Product code: inflame

 This list relates to the diseases such as diabetes, cholesterol or inflammatory states which can be assisted through nutrients.

 Omega 3 Complex  30’s R 45.00      AND        Vitamin C  60’s  R 60.00       AND

Glucosamine with Boswelia  30’s  R 75.00


INFLAMMATION– which is found in Gout and the different arthritis

The natural way less side effects

Product code: cholesterol

Omega 3  30’s R 45.00        and           Lecithin with Vitamin E 30’s R           AND

Vitamin B complex 60’s R 25.00      AND        Folic Acid 60’s  R 20.00

CHOLESTEROL and TRIGLYCERIDE—reduce and control the levels

Product code: sugar

Multivitamin—mineral enriched 30’s R20.00    Vitamin B Complex 60’s  R20.00

Glucose Tolerance Factor 60’s R100.00

SUGAR PROBLEMS—Diabetes, Insulin Resistance and low blood sugar

You will feel the difference

Product code: hormones

Isoflavones - Soya based 30’s R110.00            Flaxseed Oil capsules 60’s  R75.00

Vitamin B complex 60’s R 25.00


Providing higher energy  levels 

Product Code: anemia

CHEMICAL SOURCE:      Ferrous Iron  60’s R25.00  plus  Vitamin C 60’5  R 20.00

NATURAL SOURCE:  Iron, Folic Acid and Vitamin B 12  30’s R  75.00

ANAEMIA—either iron or vitamin B12

Stop the running nose, itchy eyes

Product code: sinus

Omega 3 30’s  R45.00         with         Vitamin C  60’s  R20.00

SINUS—Infection or prevention of an infection

Specific condition list

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