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The practice of Sarita B Banitz was established in 1999, after Sarita qualified at the university of Pretoria with B Dietetics degree.  She started her private practice as a sole proprietor in Centurion, since this she has extended her business to a variety of areas in Pretoria, the northern cape and has started an internet based practice.

Sarita has since furthered her qualifications in psychology in 2003, which she believes will assist her in having greater compassion and better understanding of why a person does what he does.  This year Sarita has added a component of nutrigenetics into her practice, as she believes by knowing what risk you have in your body (with a family risk or not), you have a better chance of reducing the risk of getting an unwanted condition like diabetes, heart disease or cancer, which is determined by your own personal genetic make up.

Her supplemental knowledge comes from the last seven years of lecturing in this field, relating to several different  nutritional topics and covering various life stages like the elderly, pregnancy or child nutrition. From this she is a share holder in the supplemental company which is the provider of the supplements on the website, whilst Sarita is the consultant to the company for accurate information. The company prides themselves on the provision of only high quality supplements to those who use them.

So the goal of this site is to provide the medium to obtain suitable dietary supplements combined with  the correct dietetic advise. Please view the ordering section on this site for further details.