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Sarita B Banitz

Nutrition and Supplemental World

Nutrition creates healthy children

Product code:children

The following list is designed to aid specific groups of people, with their unique nutritional problem

Multivitamin—30’s R 75.00

Children's Iron—30’s  R45.00

CHILDRENS NUTRITION—specific nutrients for optimum health

Have a healthy Mom and Baby

Product Code: Preg

Multivitamin—mineral enriched 30’s R20.00                 Cal Mag 30’s  R60.00

And Iron Folic Plus 30’s R75.00


Build healthy toned muscles

Product Code: Sport

 Balanced proteins  30 servings R220.00         Power Drink 30 servings R220.00

Creatine powder 1 kg R100.00                            Flexed joints 30 servings R130.00


These are only aids to improve  weight loss

Product code: w loss

Slimming booster—60’s R50.00                        Meal replacements per unit R15.00

Coconut Oil  - 500ml R40.00

WEIGHT LOSS AIDS-adjusting the scale correctly

Improve your immunity naturally

Product code:immune

Natural Garlic tablets—30’s R85.00                 Echinacea standardized—42’s  R 135.00

Natural Vitamin C—30’s R 65.00


Extend your health and life

Product code:aids/hiv

Natural Vitamin A—30’s R100.00   with         Natural Vitamin E—30’s R95.00     with

Natural Vitamin C—60’s R65.00      with         Echinacea standardized—42’s R 135.00

HIV and AIDS—Fight the virus with nutrients

Specific conditions list 2

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